Weddings In A Tropical Paradise

Weddings In A Tropical Paradise

Like most things in life, deciding on the wedding ceremony to suit can be a heart or head decision. Or perhaps a combination of both…

Following a dream of being married on a white sand beach, barefoot, beside clear azure waters, under swaying palm trees is pretty much a heart thing…

Purely weighing up the average cost of $40,000 for an Australian wedding at home versus the tropical wedding ceremony and honeymoon for a tenth of that is a head thing.

And the heart and head can come together when the ‘too hard basket’ kicks in – when the wedding list blows out to include 75 of your parents’ closest friends and relatives including dodgy Uncle Pervy who will try to take his trousers off over his head and pass out face-down in the punch. And the reality that you will be forking out $100 a head for a reception that will result in seven George Forman Grills, a couple of toasters and a public brawl between the stepmother and the first wife while the Best Man makes a play at one of the bridesmaids.

Whatever the reason, a wedding in the tropics can be romantic, wonderful and special. Pacific marriages are legally recognised in Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, the Cook Islands and Hawaii but not possible in Tahiti, New Caledonia or Tonga (this one may soon change). Basically you need to have copies of your birth certificates, passports, divorce papers if applicable and a completed Intention to Marry form. Some countries require couples to attend the registry office in person and some stipulate a three-day stay in the country prior to the ceremony. In a nutshell…

  • Vanuatu: The closest destination to Australia and the least expensive option with choices of resort weddings, beach or garden ceremonies with great restaurants and cultural and scenic experiences.
  • Fiji: this will probably be a ‘resort’ wedding and honeymoon – the bonus being there are great resorts.  Fiji is an easy option for couples departing from Australia, New Zealand or the United States.
  • Samoa: A little further from Australia and a little more laid back but a romantic and seductive destination.
  • Cook Islands: With a stopover in New Zealand for Australians it is ‘two meals and two movies’ with a reward at the other end – budget for a few days on the stunning island of Aitutaki.
  • Hawaii: Must be the friendliest state in America with the vibrant nightlife and shopping of Honolulu and the romantic ambience on the island of Maui.

There are also many Australian tropical island and mainland resorts that offer wedding packages.

Whether eloping or inviting guests to share in the Big Day, weddings in the tropics can be simple, elegant, romantic and provide the most special of occasions and memories. The only advice is to choose what you want for that special day – it is yours to cherish and will be the foundation stone to build the rest of your lives together.

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