Fiji Islands

Nearing cocktail hour the resort afternoon rolls with a rhythm. The Kids Club collects hermit crabs for the evening race in the bar. ‘Fiji’ takes on the ‘Rest of the World’ at touch rugby. A bride and groom exchange love and vows, sand beneath bare feet and a floral arch above. The dive boat returns while warriors with guitars accompany the couple along the beach. A golden sun sits above the horizon. Sunset serenade.


Bula! Welcome to Fiji!

Fiji is the South Pacific’s most popular tourist destination for a number of reasons – the swaying palms and lush scenery… the warm, clear, tropical waters from the beaches and blue lagoons… the quality of the resorts… the culture and tradition… but most importantly, the people.

The Fijians are outgoing and welcoming but they only make up about half of the population. The country is a rich mix of Melanesian, Polynesian, Micronesian, Chinese, European and Indo-Fijians. To generalise, the tourist ‘face’ of Fiji belongs to the smiling, effervescent Fijians while behind the scenes the Indian Fijians ensure that efficiency prevails within ‘island time’. And a diverse population always produces diverse cuisine!

There are up-market, expensive resorts, mid range accommodation and budget options, even on the islands.  We can certainly match couples with the perfect accommodation and experience to suit needs, wishes and wallet. One of the great things about Fiji is that no matter how much or little you spend, it always seems like value.

Within your resort you will find that Fiji comes to you – as well as access to diving, snorkeling, fishing and other activities there will undoubtedly be themed nights like a lovo (feast), meke (dancing), firewalking and kava ceremonies. Kava (yaqona) is an important part of Fijian culture and ceremonies even within resorts are not just something put on for the tourists. If you visit a village you should take a gift (sevusevu) of kava and be willing to be invited to take kava with the Chief.

Fiji is particularly rewarding for honeymooners or those wanting a tropical wedding. Apart from the romance of the tropics, even the large family resorts cater well for couples with honeymoon bures and adult-only pools etc. It’s a place where, no matter how short or long your stay, you will be left wanting just that little bit more.

Here are a few other pluses:

  • Because Fiji is the hub of the Pacific, there are direct flights from Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Vanuatu, Japan and the United States (Honolulu and Los Angeles).
  • Tipping is not customary (although some resorts have a ‘Christmas box’ that will be shared by the staff)
  • It is a safe destination. Certainly take normal safety precautions as you would at home but don’t be put off if you read about an assault or violence in the local paper. It’s the novelty of such events that makes them newsworthy!
  • When it is time to return home, you will probably be farewelled by the song, Isa Lei. Be prepared to have a lump in your throat, a tear in your eye and a promise to return!

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